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Why Democratize It?

Why are we doing this?

If not us, someone else will. A lot already did.

The 21st century has opened the flood gates of information. Anything you wish to know, you can google it. It’s just a question of which source you can use without falling prey to fraud or sheer misinformation. Sometimes, those sites even come at a price.

Thus, we created a platform where people can share resources with the world. We call them our contributors. The only minimum ask is for the end-user to acknowledge the contributors by citing their work credentials or simply following their social media handlers or pages.

Garett Hollander shared this quote in his blog in October of 2019: “Democratization of information means that we extend the power of business information that’s created by the people, to the people.”

So, in the spirit of goodwill and membership to the collective, let’s share and be happy. PEACE!

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