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Hi there!

We have an extensive and growing library of Philippine legal forms that you can use for free on this platform. Hopefully, this collection will make it easy to write your legal documents or forms and more.

Some templates already have inputs of facts and figures in them. Others have placeholders, and by use of simple logic, you will figure out how to tweak them to suit your need.

We desire that you will find these forms useful, and if you do, please share them and contribute your own, if you think you have something to share. Please do not take ownership of something that is not yours. We will know!

Rule 101.1. READ THROUGH

Before you jump into using our forms, please read through them first and ensure it is what you need. You can also refer to the description on the download caption of each document.


We designed our templates to anticipate all the facts and figures useful for one or a few similar or almost similar transactions. However, each situation is different. We mean adding additional information that you think is useful for your use case. So, again, go back to the first rule and read through. Ensure you have all the data you need to see in the finished product. And be sure to remove any bits of information that you don’t really need.

Rule 101.3. MAKE IT YOUR OWN

The forms here are the best available free Philippine forms out there. But they can be better. The better best is your own best. So, please feel free to modify the fonts style, color, and whatnot. You do you, my friend!

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